Mobile Street Kitchen Trailer Outdoor Fast Food Van

The mobile trailer is people’s most ideal business tool. It is because they can move the kitchen trailer to all places to start their business. For some free people, it is very convenient. Further more, they can reduce the many costs on renting and shop decoration. The trailer also is functional to meet retailers’ needs. Most people use it to sell the fast food. Today, we share you one kitchen food trailer.

Kitchen food trailer front view

Look at the food trailer, it is so beautiful and colorful, because it full the stickers. The stickers can show food pictures, scenery pictures or advertisement pictures etc.. What you want to show and express can be feasible. You can design or choose your own sticker contents. Here is closed state of the trailer. Besides, the trailer has two big wheels at the body bottom middle and other jacks at other corners to support the body.

kitchen food trailerHere is window opened state of the food van. The cover can let people feel shade and cool under the big sun. The it can let owner still can sell food when raining and people can hide rain. The rains won’t let your inside machines wet. Two sales windows are at the same side. The window bottom shows the food pictures. When people see it, they will know it is a food booth. When the window is open, people can’t see the pictures on the cover. So bottom pictures is important to show. The front head shows different sticker and two monitors are at the top. It can record the environment situation and avoid someone to stole it. The towbar is strong and convenient for to pull.

fast food trailer front viewBack view

This is another side of the trailer. This side can show a whole complete picture, which is spectacular. You can put creative and attractive picture to catch people’s attention no matter when it is pulled on road or placed at one spot.

kitchen food cart back sideKitchen trailer rear

The rear also has new poster picture. And it has the door for you to lock it. This is the normal design of the door place for the trailer. In addition, the normal design also has the rear lamps to let other notice when it is on the road. Besides. The monitor at top also can record the back side situation if there is any car accident. People can know the situation from the monitor.

Trailer rearInside layout

The inside kitchen layout is reasonable and suitable for the machines places and working operation areas. All fixtures are made of stainless steel, which is very durable and useful for many years without rust and broken. The counters have the cabinets to put food materials and some accessories. One display shelf is at the wall for storage too. The lamp devices at ceiling is necessary for working. Besides, there are complete electronic devices, such as sockets, transformers, switch. The sink can be single pool, double pools or three pools. The water system can be with cold and hot water taps, and water tanks. It depends on your needs.

trailer layoutTrailer color

The kitchen trailer also can be without stickers. At this time, it can be any colors you like, such as white, pink, green, blue, black or others.

cart color


The packaging can be by wooden case or protect film for sea shipping container.

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