Mobile Street Pizza Trailer Yellow Fast Food Truck

Do you like to eat pizza? Are you good at making pizza? Pizza is a good food for people’ daily meals. Pizza sometimes is the main food and sometimes is fast food at different occasions. It is popular street food. Are you looking for a street pizza trailer? You are so lucky to find this one.

Street pizza trailer structure

The street pizza trailer has 4 small sliding selling windows.You can open each one or two windows flexibly.The sliding windows are very solid and help you avoid the rains or something into the pizza trailer.Besides, the top is the curtain for preventing the sunshine and rains. You can put it away well when you don’t use it. You can adjust the sunshine curtain. Besides, one end of the street pizza trailer has a small window too. And the window has the supporting bar to hold it and it can be close. At this end, it can install the tow bar for pulling when move. Another end of the street pizza trailer is the rear with a big door. And the tail lights are at the rear too. It is the most standard and basic device.

street pizza trailer

The pizza truck can be with single or double axle for the wheels. For the small food trailer, the single axle is more suitable and looks beautiful. In addition, the lifting jacks are straight at 4 corners and they also can be diamond shape.The jacks can bear load capacity for heavy stuff and make the pizza truck stable.The working tables are in the food trailer for you to make the food and put machines. And water system and electric device all are complete.

More direction of pizza trailer

street pizza trailer views

You can see 4 sides of the pizza truck clearly.


The pizza trailer color is very beautiful. It is bright orange and looks glossy.The orange is pure color. Of course you want others pure colors or color combination, all is feasible one design and production.

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