Mobile Yellow Ice Cream Truck Retail Outdoor Food Van

Ice cream is one essential fast food in summer. People in each age state can eat the ice cream. When you have the ideas to start the street ice cream business, the mobile food trailer is useful, multi-functional and convenient for you. Today we have one ice cream truck to show you. You will like it.

Ice cream truck exterior design

First, let’s learn about this one ice cream truck exterior structure. What catch our eyes is the color of the truck. Its color is bright yellow. People can see the booth from far away. You can have many choices on the colors. The sales window adopts push-pull glasses window. Whatever what windows you want to open, it is feasible and flexible for you. Such kind sale window is easy for you to open or close. People can also see inside clearly. There is a bar at the window. Then you can put the finished ice cream or other food at the bar for people to take it away. In this way, you can save the time to do the next one ice cream or food. In addition, the ice cream trailer has a great sunshade. It is manual but easy to operate. You can extend the length or short it freely.

ice cream truckThe wheels of the trailer can be single-axle or dual-axle. About its classic, it has galvanized square tubes and 4 normal jacks to support the trailer stably. The tow bar is with 40*60*2.5mm galvanized square tube. Its 50mm couplings can be for 1500kg. The door is at truck rear and its two sides have warning lights.

food truckFood trailer internal layout

The internal part has many stainless steel counters as the working area. They won’t get rust and it is very durable for using even several ten years. The counters has the spaces for the storage area machine area. The sink is also in the counter. It can be with the water systems if you needed. But the floor can drain away waste water. Besides, the smoke machine is at the ceiling. You can put the refrigerator under the countertop and freezer or other machines on counter. The kiosk inside has the complete electronic devices, such as wires, sockets. The ceilings also has the bright lamps for you to work at night.

ice cream trailer layoutCustomer feedback

Here is the customer trailer application from our customer. The menu board is at the bar for consumers to order. You can also paste some information on the window and let people know. Besides, the trailer owner are very emphatic on life. He puts several stands to display flowers around the trailer and creates the warm atmosphere. It can attract people to visit the flowers and buy food together.

More information

Size: L220*W160*H210CM

Weight: 450Kg

Color: Customize

Out of website from here.

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