Modern Black Outdoor Food Concession Stand Street Food Kiosk

We can see many outdoor retail business at the street. Don’t look down the small business, most people earn many money from such small business, especially at the delicious food street or travelling scenic spots. Nowadays, it is very wise for you to start your own business by the outdoor food concession stand. Today, we share you one food stand for reference.

Food concession stand concept design

A food concession design can show your theme and brand concepts. Here what in our eyes is the whole one food kiosk structure with black. The black can highlight other some designs on the food stand. Look at it front side top, the logo main color is white with some orange letters. The logo and the LED light frame is luminous. No matter day or night, people can see the brand logo clearly. Besides, the spotlights are at the top frame to add more atmosphere and lights. A cute and creative patterns decoration is on the bottom of the counter. Here logo and decoration are a brand concept show. People also can know what food of the concession stand will sell.

food concession standStructure of food stand

From this view, we can more designs which is that LED light frame decorates the stand edges. The food concession stand has two windows at front and left side. And its right side is with a door for staff entering. What’s more, due to right side main part is the door, then a big menu or some decoration make other areas colorful. Every area is useful to express more information to people.The windows have the roller shutter doors for closing at night. It can make your stuff safe and avoid thieves.

A big menu is at kiosk inside wall, and people can see it directly at front side. Besides, the cashier register is on the front counter for people to order and pay conveniently. Some products bags and boxes are also on the counter for staff to package efficiently. In addition, a the stand has big space for you to put food machines, such as cookers, refrigerator. It is the most basic part to make the layout to fit your everything. Then you can sell the food. What is more, the dining table is at left side, people can enjoy the fast food freely. It is thoughtful.

More information

Size: 3*2.2m

Material: Metal with baking paint

Accessories: Acrylic luminous logo, LED light strip, menu board

food concession stand 2About us

We are a custom factory which are professional on customizing and producing the outdoor food stands. When you have any ideas please talk with us at any time, then we can can help you move on the project for your business. If you want to know how to open the kiosk business please read more our articals.

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