Modern Clothes Container Shop Garment Shipping Container Store

Most people found the outdoor space is a good place for them to do the business. And now the shipping container shop is most popular. Their size can be 20 feet or 40 feet, which has very big space for customization. They can be for many different kinds industries. And the outdoor space won’t cost their too much rent fee. Let’s take a view on the clothes container shop together.

Clothes container shop external description

This is one 20ft shipping container to be the shop and sell men’s clothes. The main color of the shipping container is deep blue and it also fits the men’s style. The clothes container shop two sides are opened, then people can see the garments you display. And one end is the glass window, no matter what direction people from, they can see your clothes. There is the shop logo on the window top. The shipping container shop also has the logo decoration patterns on it. It can make people remember your brand well.

clothes container shop

The clothes shipping container shop 3 sides has the big sunshades as the eaves. They can offer the shades and cool environment for the shop. And it also prevent the rains. If you are off work, you can put the sunshades down and close the container store.

Clothes container shop 2

Layout description

Display cabinet: There are two big display cabinets in the garment container store middle. And their two sides can display the clothes. The most useful point is that the cabinets have different display layouts to show different kinds clothes. Then people can see many clothes types and choose their needs. The display cabinets are black and their bottom have the storage counters.

Cashier desk: There is one small desk at the corner to meet the customers and receive the money. The desk is also black which is the same as the store color tone. You can put the cashier register on desk. Besides, the desk can be with logo if you like. What’s more, the desk has drawers and cabinets.

garment display store

Fitting room: As a clothes shop, the fitting room is necessary. It is for people to try the new clothes whether it is suitable for them. The fitting room is near the desk. And it can be design well with a door, which can protect people’s privacy.

Ceiling&Floor: The ceiling is glossy and flat. It is decorated by white ceiling material. About the floor, it is wooden decoration which is natural style. And it is easy to be cleaned by you.

Lamps: At the ceiling, two sides install a long line of spotlights. The lights are very important for a shop. The lights effects has a big influence on the shop atmosphere. If the shop lighting is too dark, people don’t like it. If it is too bright, it will be dazzling for people. So the lighting should be suitable according to your shop style. And the lamps type is also important because it can be the container shop decoration.


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