Modern green pink cute retail kiosk with top quality custom ice cream kiosk

A unique green and pink ice cream retail kiosk resembles a fairy tale candy house. Parked in the corner of the mall, attracting the eyes of children. This carefully crafted high quality custom ice cream retail kiosk. Not only carries the sweet and cool, but also with its unique design concept and environmental protection materials. It shows the perfect integration of modern business and sustainable development.

Fantastic appearance, eye-catching

The design of the ice cream kiosk is inspired by the flowers that bloom in spring. The main body uses a gentle green as the tone, symbolizing nature and vitality. The pink embellishment on it is like the first blooming petals, adding a little playful and lovely. Unique roof design with a streamlined profile. With transparent acrylic material, it not only ensures good lighting, but also makes the light inside the pavilion soft. The edge of the roof is inlaid with a ring of LED light, soft light falls on the ground. Envelop the entire ice cream booth inside the light source.

Exquisite material, excellent quality

In the choice of materials, this ice cream retail kiosk also put a lot of effort. The main structure uses MDF (medium density fiberboard) as the base material and has been specially treated. Not only high strength, good stability, but also easy to process into a variety of complex shapes, to ensure the realization of the overall design. The surface is covered with a five-step paint process, not only bright and durable color. It also has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Even in a crowded shopping environment, it can maintain a long-term appearance as new. The application of artificial stone makes the counter, operation desk and other areas more high-end atmosphere. Easy to clean and maintain, while delivering a healthy and environmentally friendly life concept.

Full of features and details

Oversized freezers occupy one side of the kiosk, and their interior Spaces are carefully designed. To maximize storage of all types of ice cream products. Customers can always find the right one here. The freezer uses energy efficient technology to ensure that the ice cream is always at the optimum tasting temperature. At the same time reduce energy consumption, in line with the concept of green environmental protection.
In addition, there is plenty of space in the food kiosk for refrigeration and ice cream making equipment. By making it possible to make it on site, customers can witness the amazing changes in ice cream from raw material to finished product. Add a sense of engagement and fun. The application of acrylic baffle has played a role in separating space and protecting equipment. And maintain a visual sense of transparency, so that customers enjoy delicious at the same time. You can also feel the hygiene and norms of the production process.

Comfortable experience, enjoy it

In order to allow customers to enjoy ice cream at the same time can also have a comfortable experience. There are also several high chairs beside the kiosk. With an ergonomic design, it is comfortable to sit, allowing customers to enjoy ice cream in between. Can leisurely chat, rest, enjoy this rare leisure time. The lighting design in the kiosk is equally exquisite, and the spotlights are precisely focused on the ice cream display area. Let each ice cream show in the brightest colors.


This modern green pink cute top top high quality custom ice cream retail kiosk. It is not only a commercial facility, but also a work of art. It has unique design, environmentally friendly materials, and rich functions. Brings new energy and color to the mall. Here, every detail reveals the pursuit of quality and care for customers. Are you looking for a custom ice cream manufacturer? Contact us!

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