Modern Mobile Snacks Trailer Small Food Truck For Sale

The young people like to go the busy delicious snack streets to find and buy the snacks. Most different food retailers have their retail snack booths. Some are small carts, some are fixed kiosk and others are mobile snacks trailer types. For most retailers, they would like the mobile type to meet their flexible business time. They can sell snacks at night after off working or holidays.

Mobile snacks trailer description

The mobile snacks trailer is modern and common style, and it has all functional devices. It is because that we set everything suitable to match your needs. The structure is common arch shape and it is with 3 colors. The top part is white, bottom is blue and a small area is red under the windows. These colors are fresh colorful and their proportion is very good. The sales windows not only have sliding windows doors  but also has the canopy at the top. The canopy is red and white and it is adjustable type. The single axle wheel is at the snack cart chassis middle. It leaves a suitable radian. Another basic device is the supporting lifting jacks. It is with the wheels to hold the cart body together.

Mobile snacks trailer

At the front end, the traction system is important part which is helpful for mobile. Then you can pull the mobile food trailer to foods streets, school, parks, busy places to sell foods. The triangle has flat board for you to put the generator. The generator can offer electricity to the whole cart. So whenever you go, you can make the business. Normally, the guide wheel device is fixed at the tow bar. You can use iron chain to connect the tow bar head the car rear to move.

outdoor food trailer

Interior device

The interior wall is clean and glossy with coating. We make the stainless steel counters to fit the cart inside space for you. And we can also offer the machines such as juices blenders, refrigerators, gas stove, sinks. Besides, all plug outlets, wires with cable box are on the wall. They can get the power from the generator for your machines. The lighting is at top and flooring is durable non-slip type.

Cooperation steps

Step1: Communicate with us about your some ideas and needs

Step2: Make the 3D design issues first

Step3: Have a cooperation on the order

Step4: Start production

Step5: Packing

Step6: Shipping

Please talk with us about more detailed information. Out of website

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