Modern Outdoor Burger Kiosk Street Fast Food Booth Design

Comparing the mall place, most people would like to have an food booth at outdoor. There are more potential consumers at outdoor than mall. Besides, the mall place rent is higher and hard to get the places. There are many outdoor places and you can choose a very busy street to put your food kiosk. Here share you one outdoor burger kiosk

Outdoor burger kiosk description

The burger kiosk style is very modern, simple and functional. The main color of the kiosk is black, and other counter area is with wooden colors. The counter area has solid wood decoration which is very textured and natural. The burger kiosk has 3 selling windows. No matter what direction people from, they can buy your food. Besides, 3 selling windows won’t let consumers crowded when there is a lot of customer traffic. The window has the roller shutter to close when off working. It is like a retail small shop which can keep everything safe and support your business. At the selling area, there are white eave to provide shades from sunshine and rain. In addition, it is installed the spotlights to offer lights at night. The lights also can add the atmosphere to the booth.

burger kioskSignage

As the burger kiosk structure is simple, the logo is at 3 sides of selling window top. And the light boxes and posters to show food menu, advertisement and hot selling food around the kiosks too. Te logo and posters can show the brand and add more features to kiosk and the business. People can know it is a burger booth.burger kiosk 2

Burger booth layout

From the floor plan of the retail burger kiosk, we can see the burger kiosk inside layout of the working operation areas. There is a U shape working counter inside it. It can hold so many machines, such as cashier register, sink, fryer, induction cooker, chiller, and grill etc. The layout design is important. It is necessary to match all machines size and leaves spaces for you to act flexibly and efficiently. The counters have the storage cabinets for you to put food materials and other stuffs. The kiosk inside wall and ceiling are all processed well to offer you a good working environment.

More details

Size: 2.5*2.5m

Material: Metal with baking paint, plywood with solid wood, made-made stone for countertop ( All is weather-proof high quality materials for outdoor booth)

Accessories: Roller shutter, light box, spotlight, locks, logo etc

About us

We are a custom outdoor booth factory which can offer professional 3D design and skillful production. Your ideas and requirements can be come true in real life. We can do everything about kiosk for you.

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