Modern Outdoor Cafe Bar Wooden Type Street Drinks Stand

People like to enjoy the free time with friends, colleagues in the coffee booth. For some people, to own one coffee shop is their dream. But to open one big shop needs many costs on renting, shop furniture decoration etc.. Please don’t worry, we can help you customize the beautiful outdoor cafe bar in favorable cost.

Outdoor cafe bar description

The outdoor cafe bar style is very modern. And we apply the building structure way to make the cafe bar. Here is one service window. And the window top and bottom part all have the metal great patterns decoration, which looks fancy. When people drive the car pass by the stall, they can park near the road and take coffees from you. The street food booth is really very convenient in people’s lives. Right side is solid wood structure. And it has the shop sign. The structure bottom has many lines of the LED light strips, which looks very shining at night. What’s more, other structure exterior frame also has light strip. And some spotlights are at the eave to offer warm atmosphere. And special logo is on the outdoor cafe bar roof left side. Such beautiful sign makes the bar high-end.

Outdoor cafe bar


The coffee snack kiosk other two sides also have the service windows. Then people can buy coffees around the coffee bar when they are at relevant places. At wooden structure another side, the logo is so attractive because it is original logo style design with lighting type.

outdoor coffee kiosk


How to get the coffee kiosk

When you have the target position and find the good place to put the kiosk, you can contact us at once. Our design team will create the 3D model based on your concepts. And make it high-end, attractive and functional. These are important design elements.

We will charge the design fee 300USD. But it includes many details, which will show on 3D effect and drawing. What’s more, the design time is very fast and just spend 2-4 working. We also offer modification service.

fast food stall


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