Modern Outdoor Coffee Stand Retail Coffee Bar Booth Design

There are some delicious and famous coffee types, such as the Nestle, G7 coffee, Starbucks etc.. If you have your own coffee brand and want to develop the brand branches at the outdoor, we can build the coffee kiosk for you. We can customize it based on your brand concepts and your requirements. We will show you one unique outdoor coffee stand. Let’s see our one sample first together.

Outdoor coffee stand description

This one outdoor coffee stand design style looks very comfortable and modern. It has two color elements. The main color is black and another one is wooden color. Look at the coffee stand top, the brand sign has special decoration at the right top corner. It is one rectangle box with wooden frame and black backboard. Then the white sign is highlighted in the box middle. People can notice the brand sign very easily and they will get deep impressions. What’s more, the brand logo also shows on the top place. The signs on the coffee food stand can show people the brand image and enhance the brand effects.

Outdoor coffee stand

Layout design

At the front part, it sets small bar counter for consumers. They can sit on the stools to drink coffees at bar counter. The another side is the area for cashier desk and the desserts display freezers. It is one perfect layout here. People can also order the desserts and snacks when they pass-by the coffee snack kiosk. The lamps are above at the bar counter. It is attractive decoration to bright atmosphere to consumers.What’s more, the back wall also has a great design. There are working counters with sinks for putting the coffee machines. And the wall has so many shelves to display coffee cups, coffee beans and ground coffees etc.. When you let the shelves full, the booth looks so professional and wonderful. People can feel the main coffee atmosphere. Due to it is for outdoor use, we can make roller shutter doors for the booth.

Outdoor coffee kiosk

Dining tables & chairs

The dining tables and chairs are wooden and blue color. You can place them in front of the booth or around the booth 4 sides. As the catering food stall, to offer dining area to consumers can make your booth more popular. It is because people can have a place to have a short rest and relaxation.

street coffee bar


For the outdoor kiosk, the material should be very high quality and weather-proof. In this way, even the outdoor coffee stand face the strong sunlight, heavy rains, winds or snows, it can be still durable. And it can be with a long life use.


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