Modern Outdoor Fast Food Kiosk Street Snack Coffee Booth

For some people, if you want to start the food business but without enough cost to rent and decorate a shop, the outdoor kiosk is very suitable for you. The outdoor food kiosk not only can be like a small shop with a wonderful decoration but also save your cost. All people outside can be your potential consumers. In this way, you will get big profits. Today, I share you one fast food kiosk to learn about the information.

Exterior of the food kiosk

When people look at, what they see is the kiosk style. It is very natural and modern. The outdoor fast food kiosk can sell many delicious foods, such as hamburger, Fresh fries, coffee, fried chicken etc. The aluminum skin with natural wood pattern decorates the kiosk main body surface. Its lines are uniform and looks very realistic and textured. It designs two windows with yellow bars decoration, which can highlight the window part. In addition, the window parts is convenient for people order the food and take them away. Big areas offer them a vision to look kiosk inside part too. Besides, in order to show the features of the kiosk and let people know what the kiosk is for, it can design with light boxes or signs to show the food pictures.

Fast food kioskIn addition, about the food kiosk top,the middle part is black and two sides edges are yellow. The colors match well. Kiosk bottom is black, and mirroring the top. The small round lamps are around the top. It increase more lights and atmosphere. There is one big door with the stairs at the one end for staff conveniently. When you are off working, you can close the windows and doors. It can make inside stuff safe.

Interior of the snack stand

There are the working counters, display shelves, cabinets in interior part normally. Many machines are inside it too. You can put everything what you need for making the fast food. When design the kiosk, the machines are helpful for arranging a good layout. The ceiling and wall can have a good design too. The lamps are at the ceiling to offer a good working vision. Further more, some products posters or some attract decoration can be on the wall. What’s more, one display shelf is at the window place. It can display some delis, then people can select to buy and take away directly. It is very thoughtful for some busy people, which can save their time. Besides, the menu pamphlet at the window place is good for consumers to order what they want.

interior of food kioskMore information

Size: 4*2m

Basic material: Plywood, stainless steel

Surface treatment: Aluminium-plastic panel, wood grain aluminum skin, metal baking paint

Accessories: Lamps, light boxes, locks


3D design: 2-4 working days

Production time: 30-35 working days

Shipping time: 25-30 days

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