Modern Outdoor Foods Kiosk High Quality Street Snacks Stall

Nowadays, many retailers sell foods at outdoor with the outdoor booth. And they pay their attentions on their booths style and functions. The exterior design is the first factor to attractive people. And the kiosk functions meet the needs of working. We are the manufacture to help you build your favorite kiosks. Next, I introduce one outdoor foods kiosk to you.

Outdoor foods kiosk description

We see that the foods kiosk is placed at the outdoor along the street. The outdoor foods kiosk has the black and wooden color decoration together. The top area and counters are black, and other areas are with the wooden strip decoration. There facade has one big glass area. People can see your inside layout through the glass. At the facade and kiosk right side, there set two sales window which is for people to take delicious foods from the windows. Near the sales window, we set one menu to show foods name and prices. The you can choose the foods they want to eat.

Outdoor foods kiosk

We set the door at the outdoor food stall left side for you into and out the kiosk. In order to decorate the booth environment, you can put the green plants near the kiosk. The green plants can bring the vigor and let people feel energies. The logos at the kiosk top sides are big, and the logo is red on the white background. The logo can be highlighted and people can know your food booth.

Outdoor foods kiosk

We take a look at the back side. One corner also has the wooden strip decoration. The wooden decorations make the booth very textured. In addition, the wall is a good place to show the advertisement. You can put a big poster of delicious and popular food on this back wall and attract consumers. The passers-by can see the attractive foods when they passer-by.

outdoor food stall

outdoor food booth


The kiosk inside has counters and areas for placing the working machines. There is one freezer against the glass window. It is easy for people to choose the foods. At the night, the whole kiosk is very bright including its top logo and back wall light boxes. The foods stand has the electricity devices. When you connect local power, the machines and lamps can work.

outdoor food stand

street food booth

street snack kiosk

outdoor snack kiosk

Dining area

The outdoor place is wide and free. You can place the consumers dining tables and resting chairs around your booth. When people buy fast foods from you, they can have a place to enjoy the meals especially for some people who is busy or don’t want to takeout.outdoor snack stand


We are professional on customizing the kiosks no matter what you sell and where you place. The kiosk size, color, layout, material all can be customized to match your needs. We make 3D designs and produce the kiosk for you.

street snack stand

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