Modern Park Frozen Yogurt Kiosk Outdoor Smoothie Juices Stall

The park is a good place for people to enjoy the free or weekend time. In the park, there are many retail booths to sell food, drinks, some toys and other commodities. And the yogurt is one popular snack for people with all stages, no matter old people, young people or children. You have found the business opportunity here, next, you need to catch the chance. It is wise to have a park yogurt kiosk to make business.

Park yogurt kiosk description

The outdoor yogurt kiosk is placed in the park. And it looks very modern. Its front door and other sides adopts glass materials. It offers a full vision to people. Then people who pass by the yogurt kiosk, they can see your inside layout. Glass shopping window can attract consumers easily. Look at the entrance, it is big to welcome the people. Its top has beautiful pink logo to show the booth name or brand. It’s 3D logo and can be luminous. And we can see the frozen yogurt machines well from the front door. The yogurt machines are necessary for you. And the short wall has the tile decoration.

Park yogurt kiosk

Here we can see there is still a door at glass part for the staff to go into the kiosk. And another part is with wooden decoration for the structure. The wooden type is with relevant wooden colors are optional. And it can show the poster or light box of your frozen yogurt pictures and some promotion information.

outdoor yogurt kiosk

From the perspective, we can see more layout details of the outdoor food kiosk. Its inside still has a big frozen yogurt bar counter. The bar counter also shows the big logo. It can hold some machines and you can make some yogurts and other fast foods to people. And the yogurt food stall has a big storage room area. On the other sides, there are the counters for holding some yogurt tableware. The ceiling is decorated beautifully. It has the spotlights and some colorful decorative lamps around the ceiling. Besides, the floor is wooden type.

retail yogurt stall

Customer feedback

The real park yogurt kiosk effect is real beautiful and so practical. The owner can have customers in the park everyday.



The park yogurt kiosk main materials have metal, glass, plywood, solid wood, aluminum composite panel and so on. The materials are high quality for outdoor use, and is durable and weather-proof.

How to get one

  1. Talk details about your needs
  2. Make design and confirm
  3. Make a deal and arrange production
  4. Shipping

More details please contact us at any time.

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