Modern Snow Cone Truck Mobile Yogurt Smoothies Cart

Snow cones have different styles and tastes. It is a hot selling snack in summer. You can see the booths almost everywhere. The snow cone has a big market and most people can sell it to get profits. The snow cone truck can help you realize the dream of making business freely. Let’s view some details of the food cart.

Snow cone truck description

The snow cone truck color is light blue, which is bright and fresh and looks nice. If you would like other colors, customizing it is no problem. The food cart structure is normal type, which is small arch shape. It has a big selling window with a bar. About the body wall, the wall frame is welded with square tube. The outer wall is all steel, the middle layer is the insulation layer, and the inner wall is high-quality stainless steel.

snow cone truck

The one-piece steel frame structure and suspension components of classic are treated with an anti-corrosion protective coating. The wheels are single axle. Double axles are available if you like. Besides, the tow bar has small guide wheel, hitch ball and cover. When you pull the snow cone truck, you can put away the guide wheel. The tow bar side of the food cart also has the arch window with tempered glass.

snow cone truck 1

A door with a small window is at the snow cone truck end. The rear has high visibility tail light signal system. It is a safe and necessary sign on every cart. What’s more, the brackets are with a big bearing loading capacity to support a whole big and heavy cart body. The whole food trailer is stable and you can work inside comfortably and casually.

Truck layout

The working tables with a big area are stainless steel. The tables are with storage shelves, cabinets and cashier drawers for you. Besides, some can be without storage area, which is for putting the machines. The double sinks are with hot and cold water tap. Besides, we also offer fresh water tank and waste water tank for the sink. The electric accessories are in the fast food truck. Sockets, voltage regulators, fuses/junction boxes and external cables are available. You can use the electric device safely. The non-slip aluminum flooring is with a drain, and you can clean it up easily.

snow cone truck layout


Cart dimension: 250x200x210cm
Dimension with tow bar: 370x200x210cm

The size is customized option.

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