Modern Street Coffee Stall Small Outdoor Snack Booth

People like to drink coffee at street coffee stall because of the convenience, affordability, and the social atmosphere it provides. Coffee stalls are good for retail business because they require low overhead costs. Besides it offers a quick and easy way for customers to grab a drink. And can attract a diverse range of customers from different backgrounds and demographics. Additionally, coffee stalls can be located in high foot traffic areas, which can increase visibility and sales.

Street coffee stall description

The street coffee stall is a modern style kiosk with a white frame structure. The other main parts of the kiosk are black, which gives it a sleek and stylish appearance. At the top right side of the facade, there is a square logo light box. And that adds a touch of elegance to the kiosk.

The sales window of the coffee stall is not only equipped with sliding doors. It but also features a canopy that provides shade and protects customers from the sun or rain. Inside the sales window, there is a small white bar counter. Besides, it is a normal design and fits perfectly with the overall appearance of the kiosk.

street coffee stall

The bottom part of the coffee snack kiosk has poster decorations that showcase the products or services that the coffee stall offers. In the middle area of the kiosk, there is a round light box too. In addition, it adds a touch of modernity and technology to the overall design.

street coffee kiosk

On the right side of the coffee food booth, there is a wooden door that provides access to the storage area and working space. From left view, the roof of the kiosk is with a slanted concave-convex shape that is perfect for draining rainwater. There is also a small ventilation window on the left side of the kiosk.

outdoor kiosk

The wooden wall decoration and creative unique display shelves shape are on the wall of the coffee concession stand. They add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to the overall design. At the corner of the kiosk, there is a big refrigerator that keeps the drinks and food items fresh. There are also working counters and storage space for the coffee stall staff.

The street coffee stall takes good use of the outside space by placing floor stand signage at booth two sides. The stall also offers dining chairs and tables for customers to enjoy their coffee and some meals comfortably and freely.

outdoor food kiosk


In summary, the street coffee stall is a modern, sleek, and stylish kiosk that offers high-quality coffee and meals to its customers. The design is creative and unique, making it stand out in any location. If you want a high-quality outdoor kiosk like this, you can contact the our team at any time for help.

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