Movable Outdoor Ice Cream Cart Retail Frozen Snack Trolley

Outdoor ice cream cart is useful as offering a mobile and convenient way to sell frozen treats in various locations. They are perfect for outdoor events, parks, beaches, and other public areas where people are likely to want a refreshing snack. Additionally, they can be easily moved to different locations, allowing vendors to follow the crowds and maximize sales opportunities.

Outdoor ice cream cart description

The outdoor ice cream cart is a beautiful and creative addition to any event or gathering. Its colorful and fancy design is sure to catch the eye of anyone passing by. The cart is primarily in a purple color tone, with a little bit of blue decoration added in for accent. The beautiful canopy with purple decoration and creative logos are on all four sides. They really show off the brand image and make the cart stand out.

outdoor ice cream cart

The cart’s body is adorned with different purple poster decorations that further add to the cart’s creative and unique design. The four bike wheels with blue shells make the cart easily movable and flexible for any event. The cart can hold a big ice cream freezer, allowing people to choose different tastes. Besides, attractive posters at the side bring customers to the cart.

The stainless steel pillars and metal handle give the cart a sturdy and high-quality feel. At both ends of the cart, menus are displayed for customers to see what the cart has to offer. The cart is a convenient and attractive way to sell ice creams, yogurt, and drinks.

retail ice cream cart

At one end of the cart, there is a unique and attractive ice cream model. And that is sure to catch the eye of anyone passing by. The ice cream cups hang from the pillars for convenient working. In addition, the countertop space holds the cashier register and a small sink.

mobile ice cream cart

The cart’s size is 2*0.7 meters, making it the perfect size for events of all sizes. The cart’s usage is flexible and its stainless steel material makes it durable and long-lasting. The man-made stone countertop, painting workmanship, sticker, logo, sink, and menu accessories all add to the cart’s high quality.

retail snack cart


The production time for the cart is 22 working days, and the shipping time is 25-28 days. The outdoor ice cream cart comes with a well-standard package and is of the highest quality. So those interested in purchasing the cart can contact the seller to learn more.

food trolley

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  • I’m interested in the ice cream cart. Would it be possible to customize to my needs. I want to sell ice cream, cookies, and cold brew coffee. I would only need space for about 4 flavors of ice cream. Table space for coffee brewer, and POS. Also another space to display my baked goods


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