Multifunctional popular ice cream and yogurt kiosk: the ingenuity of a custom furniture factory

This ice cream kiosk has been carefully created by our professional custom furniture factory. It not only shows the simple and fashionable design style. It also shows the excellent design and production ability of our team.

Rectangular food kiosk with roof

From a distance, the ice cream kiosk quietly rises in its simple rectangular shape. The appearance of pure light yellow gives a fresh and lively feeling. It seems to convey the joy and coolness of summer to people. In stark contrast to the light yellow is the pure brown ice cream logo. They are located in four directions of the pavilion. A clever match of these two colours. So that the original may be slightly monotonous kiosk is suddenly full of vitality and vitality. The calm of brown blends with the light of pale yellow. Create a unique and harmonious visual effect.

Food kiosk introduction

Walking to the front of the pavilion, an embedded light box painting is particularly eye-catching. The light box paintings show beautiful pictures related to ice cream. These pictures seem to tell people passing by the delicious and sweet ice cream, tempting them to enter the pavilion. The existence of the light box painting is like a silent propaganda, attracting more customers to come to buy ice cream. A supporting column stands at each of the four corners of the pavilion. They firmly support the hollowed roof above. The roof is also rectangular, but the middle is empty and used only for decoration. However, this seemingly simple hollow design contains infinite ingenuity. On the front and back of the roof, the yellow logo hanging is the finishing touch. The yellow sign blends in with the pale yellow pavilion. It also shows a sense of hierarchy in the change of color depth. Further strengthen the brand image.

More about the food kiosk

From the front, the large transparent ice cream freezer placed in the middle of the pavilion is undoubtedly the core of the entire kiosk. The freezer is a showcase for ice cream. So that customers can clearly see the variety of ice cream inside. Ice cream of all flavors and shapes is neatly arranged in the cabinet. Whether it’s a classic chocolate flavor or an innovative fruit flavor. They’re all waiting in transparent cabinets for customers to choose from.

Professional design and production team

The design of this ice cream kiosk may seem simple. But behind it is the wisdom and effort of our custom furniture factory professional team. We have an experienced design team. They have a deep understanding of their customers’ needs and ideas, and they plan every detail carefully. Strive to create the most attractive and practical products. In the design process, they fully considered the color collocation, space layout, brand display and other aspects. To ensure that the kiosk stands out in the mall. At the same time, our production team also has superb technology and rigorous working attitude. They use high-quality materials and advanced production equipment. Transform design drawings into beautiful products in reality. Every welding point, every piece of plate cutting, have gone through strict quality control. To ensure that the kiosk is durable and beautiful.

Create by heart

Over the years, our custom furniture factory has been committed to providing customers with the best quality service and the most satisfactory products. No matter what requirements and ideas customers put forward, we can rely on professional knowledge and rich experience. It is integrated into the design and presented perfectly through the exquisite production process. We know that every project is the expectation of our customers. Therefore, we always create each work with a high sense of responsibility and professionalism.This yellow ice cream station with a decorative top is just one of our many success stories. In the future, we will continue to uphold the concept of innovation, quality and service. Constantly challenge ourselves to create more unique and amazing custom furniture products for customers.

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