Natural Outdoor Bakery Kiosk Street Bread Fast Food Booth

Nowadays, more and more retailers like to own an outdoor kiosk to run the business. The outdoor kiosk is like their small and beautiful shop which can be weatherproof and durable. For some young people, the outdoor kiosk is favorable and cost-less for them. For some old people who is retired, they can use the outdoor kiosk to spend their free time. The outdoor food kiosk can be customized to any types. Today, let’s learn about the outdoor bakery kiosk.

Food kiosk style

Here the bakery kiosk style is very modern, simple and natural. The style should be coordinated with your food theme and your own brand concepts. A good and beautiful kiosk style can make your kiosk more vivid and attract the customers.

Outdoor Bakery kiosk structure

From this view, we can see that outdoor bakery kiosk front side has a big sale window. Then people can go toward to the window and buy the breads or cakes directly. The window is with the roller shutter door. When you are not at work, you can close the window. Besides, a window eave can offer shades to the window area. The strong sunshine can’t shine inside the kiosk. Consumers can also feel cool under the eave shades. The eave can also keep out of the heavy rains. A big door with a durable lock is at this kiosk left side. The luminous logo is at kiosk top several sides to catch people’s attentions.

Outdoor bakery kioskAt the kiosk right side, it still has a window. This window is for ventilation and you won’t feel boredom inside the kiosk. Besides, you can see the customer flow and surrounding situations from 2 windows and door. Here the window is also with the roller shutter door for safety.

Food kiosk layout

The layout is important. It should suitable and reasonable for you to put the machines and work flexibly. Inside the bakery kiosk, it has the freezers for cakes and breads. What’s more, there are sink, oven, refrigerator, display shelf and so on. Every stuff has its own place in the kiosk.

outdoor bakery kiosk 1Bakery kiosk decoration

The surface for the kiosk decoration is the solid wood strip. The wooden strip is very three-dimensional and natural. This color also fit the bread and bakery theme. Its top is blue which makes bakery kiosk can be with some different and novel items. In addition, if you want to make the kiosk more attractive, you can put the menu or food poster.

Bread kioskMore information

Dimension: 3*2m

Material: Metal, plywood, aluminum composite panel, solid wood strip

Design time: 2-4 working days

Production time: 25-28 working days

Out of website from here.

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