New finished street yogurt trailer outdoor food booth design with factory price

This is a functional street yogurt trailer share with you. See this outdoor food trailer, it is blue color, inside have stainless steel work counters with sink. It has flap door on both front and back side, you can close the whole trailer at night. There has a big illuminated logo on top. It can be moved with train traction and you can change places very flexibly.

street food trailer

Detailed info about this street yogurt booth

yogurt trailer design

Size: 2.8m by 2m, height 2.1m

Materials used: steel with blue paint finish

Items included: illuminated logo letters, stainless steel work counters, sink

Production time: 20-25 work days

Main features of this street yogurt trailer

street food booth

  1. Low cost, environmental friendly, easy to move
  2. Used durable steel, can use many years, very durable
  3. The size, colors, inside layout can customize as your needs freely
  4. It is weather-proof, heat-proof, very strong

outdoor food cart

Internal Configurations:

  1. Stainless steel work counters

The inside counters size, layout can adjust as your needs.

  1. Floor

We will do durable steel floor, it is very durable and easy clean.

  1. Sinks

We can install single sink, double sink and 3 sinks as your needs

  1. Inside work space

2-3 m can allow 2-3 people to work, 5-6 is suitable for 4-6 person, 7-8m is suitable for 6-8 people

  1. Control switch

We will install sockets and switch as your needs.

Myfoodkiosk established at 2007, we are one of the largest manufacturers in making food trailers. We have rich experience in design and making food trailers. We can make different kinds of food trailers, coffee trailers, ice cream trailers, fast food trailers and snack food trailers. And we do customize, can help you customize the street food trailers as your needs.

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