New Park Boba Tea Stall Street Juice Beverage Kiosk

Have you found a phenomenon at the park? It is that more and more retail booths to sell fast foods, toys and other products. And boba tea is young people’s favorite drinks. Many retailers sell many bubble teas. You must be interested in the park park boba tea stall when you find the essay. So let’s take a view on details.

Park boba tea stall description

The boba tea stall surface looks very nice. Its decoration is the natural solid wood strip for the whole kiosk surface. The wooden color is light. The solid wood type and color is optional. Besides, we can see there are two sales windows with a folding sunshade. You can open and close the sunshade flexibly. On the one side of tea stall, the wall has a half space to put the light box or poster. You can show your products pictures or some creative information to attract people’s eyes. What’s more, a big 3D luminous logo is under the sales window. People can see your good logo type and remember it easily. The lights plays an important role on the atmosphere and vision effect. Inside the food kiosk, it has the counters as working area for you to make teas and put machines.

park boba tea stall

From another view, we can see the door is at another short end. Its beside still has the lighted logo and so eye-catching. People can see your booth sign clearly. And another side wall has a big poster. There is much information and one pattern on the poster. When people read your information, they can learn about your brand and your boba tea. The wall also is with imitation marble decoration and looks high-end. Besides, the top corners has the metal decoration too.

park boba tea stall 2

The boba tea outdoor stand top middle part is white and the eave is another wooden type. Different color makes the whole tea stall not boring. It is a decoration park of the roof. Besides, its angle is diagonal and easy for draining rain. It is one new way for the kiosk top structure.

bubble tea kiosk top

More details

Size: 4*2.2m

Material: Plywood, solid wood, aluminum composite panel, man-made stone for countertop

Others: Light box, lighted logo, spotlights

Accessories: Stainless steel handle, locks etc..

Style: Natural, modern, practical

How to make design

  1. Communicate details with us
  2. Pay for design fee 300USD
  3. Create 3D model and render pictures for you
  4. Modification by us and confirm design by you
  5. Offer technology drawing for approval

Payment term

  1. Place the order and pay for 50% deposit for preparing materials.
  2. Pay for 30% progress payment for starting production
  3. Pay for 20% balance before shipping


Production will cost time about 25-28 working days.

We will take production pictures and videos to you at that time.

Out of website from here please.

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