Newly Black Retail Candy Trailer Useful Mobile Snacks Truck

In the world, many people like to eat sweet foods, cakes, candies, especially the children. There are many candy types, and almost they are all sweet. The market is with a big potential profits. Even just a small sweet candy truck can help you do business well. You come to right place here to find the food trailer manufacturer. Next, let me introduce one retail candy trailer to you.

Retail candy trailer description

The candy trailer main color is black. We can see its surface is very glossy. Such texture make people feel high quality. About the colors, it is optional for you before design. Normally, the towing cover is triangle shape which is good for pulling. It has the small guide wheel. The tow cover can hold something heavy if you want to put some device. The front side has a arch shape window and a external power supply device.

black candy trailer

The fantastic design here is the decoration for the retail candy trailer. The pink LED light strip is around the cart body frame. And the poster of the candy or your other information is on the sales window. When you close the window, people can see what you express and know your concepts. Besides, the big logo is also on the trailer body.

retail candy trailer

And the white LED lights is installed at the sunshade inside part. It can offer enough lighting at night. Besides, it can increase the atmosphere. Lighting is a important part for the retail candy trailer, especially for the black one. If without lighting, people can’t see your black food trailer clearly. The lighting can help you attract the people who walk in the street. In this way, you can have more potential consumers.

candy truck

At the back side of the retail candy trailer, it has the tailing light system. The light system can show the information of brake, turn, reversing and reflector. Then it can let the drivers who is behind the trailer can notice the changes of the candy trailer situation. They will keep a safe distance. In addition, the single axle wheels are at chassis middle. For such big cart body, the single axle is enough. And 4 vertical jacks can provide more stability.

retail candy truck


We provide complete device in the retail candy trailer. There are stainless steel working counters at candy truck two sides. We can see the owner display many candies, cakes and sweet foods on the front counter. Then people can choose the candies. And you can work at back side counter. Besides, a long display shelf is at top for you to put the accessories and other stuffs. The inside part has relevant electric device, such as sockets, switch, lamps. You can use them for any machines.

candy truck layout

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