Nice Small Coffee Trailer Mobile Retail Cafe Booth Truck

Nowadays, coffee is everywhere in the world. Caffeine improves blood flow, increases blood pressure, and gives you a boost that will help you get rid of fatigue. Almost all catering booths have the coffee to offer to people. If you have the needs to start small coffee business, we suggest you can take one small coffee trailer. You can spend less cost to get one customized trailer for yourself, which is the best of both worlds.

Small coffee trailer description

The coffee trailer front end part has one small window in the middle. The small window is helpful for ventilation and observing the surrounding situation. The bottom has one triangle towing cover and it is solid. It can hold the toolkit box or some heavy equipment conveniently. Besides, the traction system also has guide wheel and chains for you to connect the car or three wheel motorcycle. The sales window is sliding type and you can push it flexibly. And window top has the sunshade design and there is one shell for putting sunshade away. The another side shows glossy and flat surface, it looks very high quality. The axle is single of the wheels and we can customize it with brake system. What’s more, the food truck has strong and durable jacks under the chassis.

Small coffee trailer

food trailer

The door has the durable and high quality keys. It is for keeping security. The license plate frame is under the door. Then you can add your license if it is needed. And the small coffee trailer has tail system includes tail fog lights and clearance lamp.

mobile food truck


The small food trailer color is yellow and white. And they are applied on the kiosk different places and looks so beautiful. The good color combination is much special and nice than pure colors.


The catering truck is standard smallest type, but its size is 2300*2150*2350mm. And its space can hold 2 persons, which is very enough type. If you need bigger size, we can make bigger for you.

Layout effect

The inside part has enough and complete devices. The back wall has range hood equipment and shelve for storing. It offers many convenience for the working, because you can take or put something easily and improve the efficiency. The counters has wash sink system with pump and temperature taps. You can place big machines under counters or on countertop to use. Some counters have cabinets and open shelves too. The electric device in fast food van are installed on suitable places for the machines. And they are safe for you to use. You can open the lamp which is at ceiling at night. And floor type is standard non-slip aluminum plate.


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