Novel Beach Props Rental Kiosk Outdoor Retail Stall

Almost people like to enjoy the their holidays or weekend time at beach. They can enjoy sunbath and do exciting surfing sports on the sea. The beach is the popular scenery area, then most retailers open their booths at the beach. There are all kinds of the kiosks for different business, such as fast foods, swimming dress, beach toys and surfing prop etc.. Today, we introduce one yacht props rental kiosk for you.

Yacht props rental kiosk description

The yacht props rental kiosk on the beach is very wonderful and attract visitors. Its shape is square. Its structure is fulled with imagination to match the beach theme and sea style. The color tone combines blue, browse, atrovirens, yellow etc., and they are applied on the kiosk well. At the beach yacht props rental top, it has a novel sign design. The cute logo is on such yellow lattice frame. And 4 sides has the logo then people can see your booth. If without the logo, the kiosk will be pale and colorless. So the sign role is very important. People can know your kiosk name and your business.

yacht props rental kiosk

The booth has a green metal frame to support the whole structure. Four sides windows can be open. It is used as a shade from the sun and rain. And you can put the sunshade down when you go home. You can display some beach toys, sunglasses and other beach products on 4 sides counters. The counters are with many storage cabinets. You can prepare many products. And put the yacht around the booth, when people needs, they can rent them from you. The stall middle has a reception desk with display rack. You can also display some products. Look at the yacht props rental kiosk, its counters surface has the shipping container structure decoration and they are blue. Besides, the slogans or products names are on the wooden boards. And the boards are on the black metal frame. Such design looks artistical.

yacht props kiosk


The yacht props kiosk dimension is 3*3*2.6m. It is a very normal size. If you have other size requests, we can customize the dimension.

beach kiosk

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