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No matter in which country, the snacks and drinks are always popular and attract people all the time. And the most common business tool for the retailers is the mobile cart. You can push the cart to the streets, mall or some busy places. But in such big competitive retail business market, you have to make your cart unique in line with your brand concept and practicality. Next, we will introduce the drinks cart details and highlights to you.

Drinks cart description

The drinks cart looks very fresh and new style. Due to the drinks cart brand concept is green, health and natural, so we design it to meet these points. The top part are metal material with white paints. It is strong and durable. The cart has two canopies which is slanted when you open. And when you close the canopies, the whole cart looks cuboid. Two sides boards have many holes and they hang the display shelves. You can put some drinks or some decorations on the shelves. On the countertop, we can set a layout for your machines. In this way, you can know whether the countertop is suitable for the machine size and the layout you need. You can know more details of it. We make the green logos on the canopy and the supporting boards to show your brand.

drinks cart

Production effect

The bottom details are the same as the top part. Due to the logo is green, so we adopt the green grass and natural wooden color strips to decorate the cart bottom part. To show the drinks brand concept of green, health and natural. Besides, we install the universal wheels at chassis, so you can move the cart to improve convenient use. The following is the production effect of the cart, it is high grade. The heavy weight can make the cart stand more stably because of the metal and wooden materials.

juice cart


Here is the drawing to show you the cart relevant sizes from different views. If you want the cart bigger or smaller, all we can customize and offer relevant suggestions according to your machines uses.

cart design

Why you need 3D design?

The cart needs to be matched your basic requirements of size, style, layout, material, brand and your business theme. Different retailers including request their own unique carts. Different machines also affect different layout arrangements. We need to make it with wonderful style and practical functions. What’s more, if you want to sell foods in mall, you may also need to send design details to mall for approval. We offer complete and professional design service to help you on this which just cost 300USD. And we can finish within a clear time frame 2-4 working days.

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