Novel Mobile Kitchen Trailer Outdoor Red Food Truck Design

Most young business men prefer to have a catering trailer than a shop. It is because young people don’t have so much cost on the shop rent, shop furniture and decoration. The food trailer is very suitable for them and have relevant functions to meet their needs. The most important is the cost is very favorable. Today, let’s learn about one outdoor kitchen trailer.

Kitchen trailer description

The food trailer structure is new design. Its color is red and very attractive in people’ eyes. The colors can be customized. The trailer front design is flat and has a door for entrance. It designs a area with rail. It is for opening the door. In addition, the shop owner can puts small chairs and sit sometimes for getting some fresh airs. Or when they stand here they can put their hands on rail for a rest. The towbar is very strong when you pull it to every places. Every side has two wheels which is near each other. It is more easier for moving when pulling. Besides, there is the shell to protect the wheels to avoid dirty on the trailer body. The caution lights are at wheels shell to make people notice.

kitchen trailerThe eave is wide for shade and prevent the rain. The spotlights are at the eaves for shining at night. The back part is oval and has many windows for selling and ventilating. These windows are with wooden frame. The bar is under the window and staff can put the food at the bar for consumers to take it. The food trailer end also has a crash bar.

Interior part

The inside part has many stainless steel counters as working area and for putting the equipment. The counter can include the sink design together. The counters have cabinets for storage tools or food materials too. Inside space is very big and enough for 2-3 staffs to operate and make the food. The kitchen ventilator is at the top for smoke exhaust. This part design is important and it is very thoughtful for the staff. The sockets and switches fit the your country standards. It is okay for you to use relevant machines. There are spotlights at the ceiling too for offering the lights when work at night, it is necessary. The kitchen food trailer can run business at any time. You can use it to sell coffee, fast food, drinks etc.

trailer insideSize

The size is a customization item. You can tell us your requirements.

More details

Material: galvanized sheet for outdoor, stainless steel for internal part

Color: Can be customized.

Out of website from here.

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