Novel Street Coffee Bar Unique Cafe Fast Food Stall

We can’t image it how crazy people like to drink the coffee. People can drink coffee every day. And coffee is very good for people’s health. It has many good functions. That is why people like it so much. And some people would like to open the booth. Most of them like to have one coffee kiosk at outdoor. The street coffee bar with a good design can get many consumers and the renting cost is very favorable for retailers.

Street coffee bar structure description

See, the coffee bar is at the street and its structure is so eye-catching and unique. It fits the booth concepts and services. The sales area has two sales windows. And every side has wide black sunshade, which is a reasonable design. Normally, the sunshades can make the kiosk area comfortable. The cashier counter is green and other counter surface decoration is brick which close to the life very well. At the sales window top, there are two big and creative logos. Big signs can always get people’s attention.

street coffee bar

The street snack stall right side has one freezer which can display relevant snacks. People can see what you have in the freezer. What’s more, the corner has glass display showcase with several layers. And its frame is green. Some decorations, coffee bean, ground coffee or others can be shown in the showcase. When people pass-by, they can see them at one glance. If just right that person have the needs, they can buy it or have a deep impression on the coffee bar.

cafe bar

The other sides of the cafe food booth is so colorful and novel. They are some green pipes around back side and left side. And 3 pipes middle have glass area to show many coffee beans inside. The display glass area is different level, which shows the layering beauty. And here also shows the industrial style. On the street coffee bar right wall, there are some information. At the kiosk back, some beautiful lamps decoration are hanged at the green pipe. And the wall has some pattern decorations. What’s more, the dining table extends from left side to back side which forms L shape. And the stools shape is also very novel which is like the buckets. Door is at the back side.

outdoor coffee kiosk


About the surface, it has several color elements. The brown represents the coffee color well, and green shows people natural and health concepts. The black frame makes the whole street sanck kiosk texture and high-end. And the retro brick shows different color. All color elements make the coffee kiosk has its own color feature.


In street coffee bar, the interior decoration is so beautiful too. The wall and ceiling is cement industry style too. The spotlights are installed at the ceiling. And the black board with many food patterns is as the decoration. And there are some display shelves, working counters inside.


In general, the whole street coffee bar is so high grade, novel and unique. It can shock people and help you bring more consumers. People will can’t help to see your beautiful booth.


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