Novel Street Drinks Stall Creative Smoothie Milk Shake Kiosk

Milk shake is one of most popular iced drinks. Milk shake has a lot of different tastes, but most of them are sweet. When you want to open the milk shake booth, the street is the good business place. At the street, there is a big potential consumer group being your customers. And you can sell well. What’s more, you need to have one durable and attractive street drinks stall. In this way, you can have double advantages.

Street drinks stall description

This one street drinks stall mainly sells milk shake, smoothie etc.. Its style is so creative, unique and novel. It adopts green and wooden color elements. They have relevant structure design, which looks so fancy and wonderful. See the facade details first. The top of the street drinks stall is inverted trapezoid shape. And it is green with some white spots decorations. What’s more, the logo design is so amazing. There is one inverted trapezoid shape with lighting frame as the board holding the patterns. The milk shake product pattern and its words are on the backboard. It looks very special and can people have great impression.

What’s more, the rest part of the food kiosk are wooden part. And it has one novel structure decoration here. From the full view, the kiosk contains the cart booth. The eave has the cart red and white sunshade. And middle part is the selling service area. The bottom part has the cart body. The cart body is green with two wheels decoration. And middle also has the drinks stall logo. In addition, there are retro wooden window doors near the window. And you can close it when off working.

Street drinks stall

From this aspect, another two side of the food concession stand also has the cart structure design and the booth sign at top. It looks very beautiful. And the drinks milk shake stall left side has one big door. Near the stand, there is one big outdoor signage to show the logo and lead the direction for consumers. And the dining tables with chairs are around the drinks stand. Even the booth is small, but it is perfect and functional to win people’s heart.

street food kiosk

Interior decoration

The interior wall all is decorated by the solid wood strip. This is natural and rural style, which looks so nice. Several display shelves on the wall is to hold the different size glass cups. And middle part has some pictures. Here is one art atmosphere and it also belong to the decoration part. The working counter has colorful drawers and some cabinets. And its countertop is stainless steel, which is very high quality for you to use and clean. And you can put machines on it. One floor stand refrigerator is at the corner. The door inside also shows the booth logo too. Further more, the LED light strips are around the ceiling 4 sides, it can make the interior part so wonderful. The floor is durable PVC type of the food booth.



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