Orange Hot Dog Truck High Quality Retail Food Cart

Hot dog fast foods are very common and popular in daily life. We can see them at the retail booths at street or some retail shops. At the same time, hot dog is one kind easy work. You can bake it or put it in the breads or other foods as ingredients. When at the street, we can see all kinds of food trailers. You can own one wonderful retail hot dog truck to compete the same retailers.

Retail hot dog truck description

Here’s what really caught our eyes. A right orange color on the retail hot dog truck is so lovely. It is fresh bright color and let people feel warm and enthusiastic. You can also choose other colors for your own hot dog truck. Besides, the trailer is pure color. We can put some poster or logo to make it colorful or more meaningful if you want. The sales window is big and single. Such kind window can let you work efficiently and conveniently. And people can see your working environment clearly and can buy your fast food rest assured. Other two sides are also with ventilation window. You won’t feel hot and bored when you work.

hot dog truck

This one retail hot dog trailer design is more simple than others. We can see its wheels are universal wheels at 4 corners not big car wheels with axles. Besides, this one food trailer doesn’t have the tow bar. Such design is for some retailers who make business at a fix place and not mobile often. Different needs can have different design. You can go into the retail hot dog trailer through the door.

Fast food trailer


The hot dog trailer has durable and high quality stainless steel counters. The counters are with many storage shelves. Then you can put everything. Besides, under the counter, there is the space for the big refrigerator. The display shelf is at top and it is so convenient for you to take or put something when working. It takes good use of the top space. The sinks can be with two or three pools,which based on your needs. Besides, the sockets and other electric device all fits your standard. Look at the floor, it is non-slip and has a drain for cleaning.

layoutMore colors

Blue, gray, green, black, white, red and yellow or others all is okay for the hot dog truck.

trailer color


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