Orange Mobile Catering Truck Street Fast Food Trailer

If you have mobile catering trucks, you can sell all kinds of fast foods, snacks drinks which you can make. The street trailers industry has a fast development with the good economic. Every one has their own ability to start the business to improve the life. Customizing the trailer is a good option to create the booth. We can design any styles for you.

Mobile catering truck description

When we walk in the street, we must be attracted by this one catering truck. It is orange with so many foods patterns. There donuts, hamburger, juices, cake, cheese, crepe patterns fulling with the whole cart body surface. People can they can get these foods from this booth. This is direct information for people to know your booth. And it is one of features of your mobile catering truck. The middle area is the window for selling foods.

mobile catering truck

The street food trailer structure is airstream type, so the shape looks so amazing and beautiful. The trailer two ends are round curved type. At the front end, 4 lamps are symmetrical and one air conditioner is at the lamp middle place. What’s more, the tow bar is straight bar with relevant wheel and connecting chain.

mobile catering truck

mobile catering truck

The door is set at the another side not rear area. We can consider the inside layout arrangement to make relevant external design. At the top of the mobile kitchen truck, it is one delicate range chimney. Two lines LED light strips are around the cart body. People can see your booth clearly at night. It is one part of the lighting decoration.

food trailer

The rear part also has lamps and the license plate in middle. In order to support the whole food cart well, double wheels axles are more suitable. At the wheels front and back side, the lifting jacks are shape resembling the character 八.

food truck

Color option

These colors of the mobile catering cart is so beautiful and fresh. We can make it orange, green, purple, pink, yellow all colors.

Mobile snack trailer

mobile kitchen trailer


We offer 3D design help for you. So if you have your own customization ideas, we can show you the effects first. The design is the basic of the production. Normally, design fee charges 300USD. It only needs 3-5 working days to finish the design.

snack truck

Welcome to contact us about the needs of getting one mobile food trailer.

small food trailer

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