Orange Mobile Hot Dog Van Small Food Truck Design

Hot dog is one delicious small food. It can be its main snack by baking, or can be the ingredient of other foods, such as hamburger, bread, cake. Its tastes is always delicious and smell good. The food retailers can sell hot dog easily, as long as he has the oven. But the booth is also important. Most people choose the mobile hot dog van, because it can be moved easily and save cost comparing with the shop.

food trailer


Mobile hot dog van description

The hot dog van has the single axle wheel and you can pull it any busy streets or places. The wheels is not only for moving but also plays the role on supporting the the cart body. It can hold the hot dog van stable. And 4 lifting jacks has the same function. The mobile hot dog van has the durable and safe chassis like the car. And the mobile hot dog van color is orange. It is so bright within the silver edges. And the sales window on the food cart is middle size, not big or small. People can buy foods from the window. At the window beside, there is some space. You can put some decoration on the space if needed or just with pure color.

mobile hot dog van

A small square window at the food trailer front head. You can see the surrounding situation and get cool wind and air from the these windows. What’s more, one small power supply is under the window one corner. And the 2m connector is set at the bottom which is near the jack. The towing cover has the guide wheel and can hold some heavy stuffs. The left side of the mobile hot dog truck has two air vents. The kitchen smokes can be out from the range hood. The design meets the city environment standard.

mobile hot dog trailer

mobile hot dog van 2

Look at the back side, there is one door towards to the inside channel. The door have security system that is durable lock. You can lock the door when you are rest. The tail lights system can be the same as your country specification. Above the tail lights, there is the triangle warming sign.

food truck


Besides the main structure and surface design, the interior part is also important. The layout is delicate too. The working tables are stainless steel, and back side table includes water sink. The counters can hold your many machines for making the got dog foods and their bottom also has storage space. The food truck back side wall has stainless steel decoration too. So when you make something on the wall, it is easy for you to clean well. The range hood is hanged at the wall top. At the wall some places, we install the sockets for using equipment. Lamp is necessary and it is at the ceiling middle. The non-skid floor is with the drain.


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