Orange Outdoor Kitchen Trailer Mobile Custom Fast Food Truck

The outdoor kitchen trailers are more and more popular at the busy street or popular scenery place, school, church, beach or other places. Some retailers take the street foods as their main business, and some regard it as a sideline. No matter what way, the kitchen trailer is their most important tool. Next, I introduce you one high quality food truck.

Outdoor kitchen trailer description

Look at the kitchen trailer, it is very big. You can sell various fast foods and beverages. The outdoor kitchen trailer color is orange, which is a very warm color. Every kind color can be made for the kitchen trailer. The mobile kitchen trailer divides two selling windows. And every selling window has a small table for holding the foods for consumers. Two axles wheels are at the food cart middle and hold the cart body well. The outdoor kitchen trailer has the wheels shell for the wheels. When you move it through the mud place, the food truck won’t get dirty. Besides, there are 4 lifting jacks under the chassis. You can put the jacks down when you park the kitchen truck.

outdoor kitchen trailer

And let’s see another perspective, the triangle tow bar is black and it is high quality and durable. The tow bar has brake system. The metal chain is for you to connect the car, and it is also very solid. What’s more, the tow bar can hold big and heavy machines or your some things. A arch shape window is at front side and the board can be put down as s small table. The window here also can be glass. There is a power supply at the front head of the food truck. We can also see the food van other side, it has a chimney at the top for the lampblack machine.

outdoor kitchen trailer 2


In the mobile kitchen truck, all configuration is stainless steel material. The metal material is very practical. They can’t get rust, not easy to break easily and easy to be clean. When you use it, the working counters always are the sames as the new one. The working counters has enough space and storage shelves and cabinets. You can also put the machines under the tables. Another side has the stainless steel kitchen working devices, such as water sink, oven, big refrigerator etc.. In addition, the ceiling middle has bright lamps to offer you lights at night. And floor is with some grains which is non-slip and it has the water drain. It is also easy for you when you clean the food trailer after off working.

Food truck layout

Color options

You can see here different color effects of the mobile kitchen van. They looks very beautiful. You can make your favorite color for your own food cart, no matter pure color or colorful items.

food trailer

food truck


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