Orange Retail Ice Cream Truck Mobile Smoothie Yogurt Trailer

The soft ice cream and popsicle are hot selling iced snacks in hot days. And they can be different tastes and shapes, and people can choose their favorite type. With the life is better and better, people can have more opportunities to do some retail businesses freely. To sell ice cream is a good choice and retail ice cream truck is a good platform for you. Are you interested in it? Let’s look at how useful it is.

Retail ice cream truck description

The retail ice cream truck color is very fresh orange. It is one beautiful color. The edge is black and the cart body bottom has the silver board with grain. The ventilation window is small and its edge is silver board too. What’s more, the A shape tow bar can hold some toolkit box or your useful machines. The tow bar front head has the high quality metal chain for connecting the car. And it also has the useful guide wheel for leading the direction.

retail ice cream truck

The cart body edge has the orange LED light strip and it makes the retail ice cream truck looks so shining at night. The lighting always plays the role on the atmosphere. What’s more, you can see the the sales window is very bright too. The sunshade fulls with the LED white lighting strips. People can see you work inside the food trailer clearly from big sales window and they can rest assured.

food trailer

food truck

The another cart side also looks very glossy and smooth. All surface is deal with perfectly. The chassis bottom middle installs the single axle wheels and the supporting jacks are tilted. The jacks are so different than normal others. Those can make the whole cart body very stable. And door is at the snack truck rear. The door size is the same as the inside channel. Its space is very suitable for you to work flexibly and comfortably. At door two sides, there are not only the tail lights but also triangle reflective signs to remind the people.

retail food cart




  1. Chassis: Galvanized steel
  2. Body: laminated fiberglass board + stainless steel plate for inner wall
  3. Floor: non-slip aluminum


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  • Savannah Adams
    2023年3月24日 pm9:49

    I am looking at the smoothie trailer. How much does a trailer cost? We would need freezers and outlets for appliances to plug into.
    Thank you!


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