Outdoor Catering Trailer Street Fast Food Cart For Sale

Why most people like to choose a food retailer for the catering business? The reason is that the catering trailer is very convenient for you to put it everywhere, such as busy delicious food street, school, park, churches, beach, travelling scenic places etc. These places full with people and you can sell well. Besides, it only costs you a little investment without any more rents every months like the shop. It is very free. In addition, the catering food trailer  can be customized any shapes, size, color, layout etc.

Catering food trailer exterior design

This one catering food trailer is arch form. The long side has one sales window. Two ends has a small glass arch shape window too. Besides, the trailer has two big wheels. The towbar is strong and durable when other cars or trucks pull it. Besides, one small universal wheel is at towbar front and it is connect the towbar. The function of the universal wheel is rotating the direction.

Catering food trailerHere two pictures show the trailer front side and back side. The arch shape door is at the back side. When you are not at work, you can lock it keep inside stuff safe. In addition, high visibility tail light signal system is at two sides of the door. When you pull it in the road especially at night, others can see the trailer clearly for safety.

Internal design

The internal part has the stainless steel counters which is durable and not get rust. The layout matches the kitchen equipment, such as sinks, cooker, freezer, cashier register etc. It leaves the suitable space. The counters also have many storage areas for you to put other things. The standard sockets and switch are at the catering trailer wall for you to connect the machines flexibly. In addition, the lamps at the ceiling is very bright. If you have lamps lighting color requirement for the atmosphere, it is available. The non-slip flooring is made of aluminum, and it is with drain, very easy to clean up.

catering food trailer layoutFurther more, the colorful LED light strips can be around the sales window and trailer edges to add the lights and atmosphere for the consumers. The lights at night can make the trailer more beautiful.


The trailer color is rice white but it can be other colors or with a beautiful patterns.

food trailer colorsReal effect

Customer feedback


We can do 2D or 3D design. When you have the ideas, we can make the whole trailer design with inner layout with your machines, and check whether the space is suitable.

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