Outdoor Functional Park Kiosk Street Fast Food Booth Design

The park is a very popular place for people to spend the time. There are many old people, young people,parents with children. They are relaxed in the park. Normally, there are many amusement equipment and stalls in the park, because it is a good place with many customer flow to earn money. The food business is always bright. Today, let’s learn about the park food kiosk if you have plan to make food business in the park.

Park kiosk

There are many park kiosks selling different foods and products. Here one which is very suitable for the park and sells crepe and ice cream. The park kiosk has two sales windows and the dining table at the window place is for people can enjoy the food. You can put the chairs under the small table bar. Then consumers can have a rest. Besides, the big window shelter at top can offer shapes and keep out of the rain for consumers and the booth. The attractive design here is the cartoon pattern posters on the kiosk counter. They are different and at kiosk 4 sides. The cartoon patterns are so cute. Young people and children can be attracted to the food booth by them. Besides, other products posters are also on pillars. The left side has a door for entering.park kioskWorking area

From the front side, we can see one pillar at the middle to divide front part into two window areas. The menu poster is on the pillar and convenient for people to order the food. Its bottom has one display showcase for showing some finished food or snacks. People can take away directly and don’t need to wait for the time for making food. Inside the park food kiosk, there are the counters with cabinets for you to put food equipment and store some accessories. The layout is reasonable for the counters and other machines. In order to let people have a good vision, the wall area with good design is according to the pillar which divided. The right side has a big signage to show the brand. Left side wall has many display shelves for holding some tools or something. Modern lamps are at the ceiling to offer lights.

kiosk front sideTop part

The roof of the park kiosk is special and perspective. It not only can provide more lights at day but also can offer shapes. The kiosk owner can have a good bright and cool environment to work. In addition, the food kiosk has a chimney to discharge the fumes when making the food. From the top view, we can see that the window shelters are all with the brand logo posters. When you close the window, people can see your brands and remember it in mind.

More information

Size: 4*2m

Material: Plywood + stainless steel

Disassembled or not: No ( It is a whole one and you don’t need to install it. It is very convenient)

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