Outdoor Mobile Candy Truck Snack Food Vending

No matter adults or children, the candy and snacks are never out of fashion. There are most candy and snacks in the shop and supermarket and people sell it well. You can also develop the candy and snacks business. It is so wise for you to find the mobile candy truck. So let’s view how it works.

Mobile candy truck description

You can move the candy truck to every busy places to sell your candies and some snacks. The selling time and location is so flexible for you, because you can choose what time and what place. This is a good function. Look at the mobile candy truck, its edges is with black paint and main parts are with yellow paint. We can see this two colors combination easily in life and it is no doubt that it looks great.The tow bar is made of strong galvanized seamless square pipe material. And it also has hand brake, mechanical brake, guide roller and safety chain.

mobile candy truck

Besides, we install 2 tires for the mobile candy truck.It is high skid resistance with 4 service life. And it also has strong weight capacity no matter how heavy stuff in the truck. The wheels are also good grip.In addition, the body installs the external power. 4 lifting jacks are with rust proof galvanized layer. It is self- regulating height and not easy to deform. The door with a small window with full set of tail lights are at food trailer back side

mobile candy truck back

Truck internal design

There are stainless steel 700mm wide flat prep table for working.The cabinets are under the table and you can close the sliding doors. It has a big and enough space for you to walk in the channel and put something on the counters and cabinets.Further more, we can offer 1-4 sinks which depend on your needs. The sinks has cold and hot water taps with 2-3 water tanks.The non-slip aluminum floor is easy for clean and no rust.And the sockets, lamps and other electric device all is in the mobile candy truck. They meet your country standards.

mobile candy truck layout


The size is a based customization, and how big you want is okay.

mobile candy truck size

More views

Out of layout from here.

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