Outdoor Mobile Snow Cone Trailer Street Smoothie Juices Truck

The ice foods are also most popular in summer. People also like snow cone very much. It can have different tastes with a colorful and beautiful shape. The street business is very hot nowadays. The food trailer is a good option. If you sell snow cone, you can own one snow cone trailer easily. We can help you.

Snow cone trailer description

The food trailer is cuboid and it can sell snow cone, ice cream, smoothie etc.. The cuboid shape has a large space and looks neat. It has a green poster which is very natural. It is because green represent nature and its pattern shows coconut tree, fruits, grass etc. All offers people a cool and comfortable feeling. The snow cone trailer has a big round signage at its front side. The logo shows the brand and concepts. And the signage can be luminous at night. It will be like a pilot light which can attract and lead people to your booth. The tow bar with a jockey wheel is 120cm and it can support 1500kg.

snow cone trailer

The snow cone trailer has a big sales window. When it is open, the shelter can keep out of the strong sunshine. At the food trailer tail, it has a big door and the tail lights. About the classic part, it has galvanized square tubes and 4 lifting jacks. The wheels is single axle. The wheels top has a beautiful trapezoidal edge as decoration.

snow cone trailer 2

Snow cone trailer layout

Inside the trailer, the layout is reasonable. There are stainless steel counters on two sides. The counters bottom also has a good layout according to your needs. If you need other machines for making the food, we can also offer you. If you have your own machines, we can make a suitable space for them. The display shelves and cabinets can hold many stuffs. The floor is non-slip and it is very easy to be clean. It has a drain. The sink is always necessary for the food business. We offer a set of complete water system. It has cold and hot tap, pump, floor drain and water tanks for you to use. The electric device is also independent. It includes wires, sockets, connectors, switch etc. All is your country standard. Then you can use smoothly.

snow cone trailer layout

Different color

If you want to need the poster for the snow cone trailer, they can be pure colors. What colors you like is okay.

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