Outdoor Modern Smoothie Food Stall Street Snack Kiosk

When we go outside, we can see there are many food stalls at the street. Nowadays, the outdoor stalls are more popular than the mall kiosks and shops. Most people like to eat the snacks. Normally they can take away the snacks freely. It is a fast selling business. But the snack stalls should be also with a good design to attract the people.

Snack stall front view

First, the food stall sells ice cream, smoothie and coffee etc.. The stall owner has his own ideas to create the stall design atmosphere. Here the street food stall is very natural and modern. From the front view, we can see that counters are with solid wood strip decoration. The grapes and green vine leaves are on the stall top 4 corners as the decoration. And because of this decoration, the stall is very unique. Besides, it is with solid wood decoration together, they creates so natural pastoral atmosphere.

snack stall 1


A big pink stall logo is 3D luminous type at the booth top middle place. It is simple and very easy for people to keep it in mind. The logo can express the stall concept and enhance the brand effects. There are many logo types, such as stainless steel, neno, resin. You can choose what type you like. Besides, the light boxes are hung from a beam to display the food pictures and menu. The food pictures are more vivid and intuitive and they can attract people.

Back view

The back side board is white and the 3D acrylic luminous logo is same as that one at front view. Besides, several green plants are at the back counter for back side decoration to set logo off. People also can see the plants at food booth front side. All plants are fake and they can make the stall full of life and vitality.

snack stall back side

Street food kiosk structure

The snack stall has metal frame to hold the wooden counters, wall and roof. The roof is wooden fire-proof plate and its grains is very good-looking. And its bottom all counters are with solid wood strip decorations. The outdoor food stall 4 sides are equipped with the shutter doors. It is durable and convenient door type. The stall can be open when working and close when off working or raining. No matter what direction people from, they can see the booth. The layout is arranged well. There are one big salad machine and freezer at the front side. Their beside is the counter for cash register. The back counter with the sink is also as the working area. You can put coffee machine, shaker machines, blender machines on countertop, and ice maker, refrigerator on the floor.

food stall structure

More information

Size: 3.6*2.2m

Color: Wooden, white, black

Basic material: Plywood, metal, man-made stone

Surface: White aluminum composite panel, solid wood strip, fire-proof plate

Door: Roller shutter door

Accessories: 3D luminous, fake grass, light box

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