Outdoor Park Food Kiosk Retail House Shaped Crepe Booth

Are you looking for one outdoor fast food kiosk for the park? People like to spend the free time in the park, where is really a good place to do the retail business. You can have a good customer flow. But in order to attract those people, your park kiosk should be creative. When people don’t know your food taste, they will see your kiosk first.

Park food kiosk structure

The park food kiosk is to sell the crepe and ice cream. The structure of the food booth is like a house because it has the roof design. It makes people feel warm. And it can shelter from the wind and rain. Further more, 4 sides of the park food kiosk have the pull-push windows. People can see the inside part clearly. The owner can also observe the people and think about some ideas to attract them. 4 sides can be the sales window to sell food to people. It is very convenient and efficiency.

park food kioskFast food kiosk decoration

Under the roof, there is the creative and beautiful black patterns on the white board. This combination can increase the feature and atmosphere of the kiosk decoration. Besides, 3 sides bottom has solid wood board decoration. And the food brand logo, posters shows on the board with different types. The main signage is luminous and attractive as the food brand. Another side surface is black. And the colorful ice cream stickers are pasted on this side. In addition, the black boards are at the pillars. You can draw some cute patterns and show promotion information on it. Or you can leave the chalks for people to draw or write something. Besides, there are two big special lamps hanging at the kiosk front side sales window top. People will know the kiosk direction. It is very funny. People can see so much information and know the food the kiosk sells.

park food kioskPark kiosk layout

The kiosk inside has many counters and machines. Some machines are on the countertop and some are under that. You can have the machines according to the food you will make, such as crepe machine, sink, refrigerator etc.. The layout is reasonable for you to work. It has the main operation area, machine area, selling area. The ceiling can also have the beautiful lamps decoration. And the floor can be non-slip tile or PVC floor. The space is enough for 3-4 persons inside.

More information

Size: 4*3m

Basic material: Metal, plywood, man-made stone

Surface treatment: Aluminum composite panel, solid wood strip

Design time: 2-4 working days

Production time: 30-35 working days

Out of website from here.

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