Outdoor Practical Ice Cream Booth Retail Food Stall Design

Every one will eat ice cream and ice lolly in summer. The ice cream is sweet and cool. It is one kind snack to help people reduce hot temperature. The outdoor retail booth is always popular because there are so many people having activities outside. You can have countless potential consumers. So an outdoor ice cream booth is your best choice in summer.

Ice cream booth description

Here the one ice cream booth is very modern. It has two big sales windows. When you work, you can open the window and supporting bars will hold the shelters up. People can stand and wait for their food under the shelter at sales window. And the shelter can shade them from the big sun. The shelter inner part is red and its end can show your logo or some slogan. In addition, the ice cream booth outside has beautiful posters decoration. The whole wall all has ice cream patterns and front side also has the logo in wall middle. The right side of the food kiosk has a door, but it is also with the poster and blend into the picture. People will feel your ice cream very appetizing and charming.

Ice cream booth

Booth layout

The ice cream booth layout is very beautiful and creative too. There are two lights boxes to show ice cream at the pillar, which makes the structure special here. Besides, the inside wall also hangs the big light box to show menu and product poster. People can see many ice cream attractive patterns from the whole booth. Two freezers are at each side sale window area, people can select their favorite tastes. Besides, you can also put some food machines such as refrigerator, and cashier register inside the food kiosk. The ceiling and floor also can have a good decoration design. It will has the lamps at top to offer you enough lighting at night and attract people to your food stall. It will has complete electric fixture for you to use, such as sockets, transformer, wires.

ice cream booth layout

Customer feedback

Here is the booth which owner hasn’t open inside lights. The owner is very satisfied with the kiosk we made for him. You can also put some menus at the front counter, which is convenient for people to order.

ice cream booth feedback

More information

Size: 3*2.2m

Material: Plywood

Surface treatment: Water-proof aluminum composite panel

Accessories: Poster, light boxes, locks

Out of website from here.

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