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Nowadays, many people pursue leisure and free life. For their job, it is the same. They don’t want to be tied down and start to choose the entrepreneurship of selling coffee. The outdoor coffee bar is really economical, affordable, multi-function. It is very free for the entrepreneurs to do the business at any time. But in order to make a good business, the outdoor cafe kiosk needs to be attractive.

Outdoor coffee bar description

This one coffee bar is very natural and meet the coffee features. Its 3 sides is open for selling the coffee and people can also feel a good atmosphere of the outdoor coffee kiosk. 3 sides all have the dining tables and chairs for consumers to drink the coffee and enjoy the time. They can chat with friends and family or work here. The small plants decorations and menus are on the tables to increase the warm and vivifying atmosphere. Besides, the cafe top has sunshades for 3 sales windows to let people feel cool or help them hide rains sometimes. The coffee bar can offer people a good catering environment.

outdoor coffee bar

Cafe layout

The coffee food stall also has a good working layout. First, on the kiosk wall, it has menus in the middle. The menus also can be some products pictures or some decorations. Besides, there are display racks on wall for showing the wine bottle, which shows people bar atmosphere. The bar counters all are with cabinets for you to put stuffs. The most important is that you can put machines, coffee cups, tableware, cashier register, freezer on the countertop. Under the countertop, you can also put big equipment. The middle space is very big enough for you to work comfortably.

outdoor coffee bar 1


When you have the logo files, the logo can be any types for the kiosk. Here 3 luminous logo are at the top 3 sides. They are big and when people pass by, they can see the bar name. The signage is necessary part for you to enhance the brand when you start a business.


Due to it is an outdoor coffee bar, the materials we use is weather-proof. It can protects against wind, rain and snow etc. The black steel is to make the kiosk frame and the surface is the high quality solid wood. The bar inside wall is black aluminum plastic plate.

More information

Size: 4*3m

Color: Black, wooden color

Accessories: Luminous logo, roller shutter doors, spot lights, cloth tent

About us

We are specializing in customizing and producing the outdoor kiosks to support you to sell any food and products. Please feel free to contact us to learn more details.

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