Pink Mobile Candy Cart Custom Street Snack Trailer

To children, sweet candies can make them very happy. To us, sweetness always means something sweet, something that reminds us of happy, relaxed times, moments of enjoyment with others. When we eat something sweet, we are actually trying, consciously or unconsciously, to relive or recapture good and sweetness moments. So sweet candies and snacks are always popular by people no matter what stage. Are you looking forward one mobile candy cart for the retail business?

Mobile candy cart description

The mobile candy cart is equipped with the single axle wheel. So you can pull it to the places conveniently and easily. The mobile function can meet many retailers’ needs. Here the candy cart looks so lovely when it fulls with so many candies, snacks and decorations. Its color is pink which matches romantic, pure and refresh style. It has the big selling window to display many candies and snacks on the counter. On the floor, there are some children toys and cotton candies. The owner also puts one pink carpet as the channel to show the sense of ritual. What’s more, one big and colorful lollipop decoration is near the cart body. It can attract many people’s attentions.

mobile candy cart

One ventilation window is at the snack trailer front side. The rectangle window top has a little arch eave as decoration. The small ventilation window can let you feel more comfortable inside the candy cart. Then you won’t feel hot or boredom. The following is the traction system, which is bow bar with guide wheels, trailer connector and safety chain. The jacks on the chassis are 4 pieces. You can adjust it to support the mobile candy cart.

mobile candy cart 2

mobile candy cart 3

The food truck rear designs the door at the middle place. You can go inside or out from the door. The two sides have system of taillight, fog light, triangle reflective, clearance lamp and license plate frame. All is standard according to your local use.

food trailer


On the candy food trailer inside wall, the top area hangs one long display shelf for products displaying. And the wall and counters surface all have the nice tablecloths as the decoration. To make the candies display layout looks clean and beautiful. The counter can hold the wash sink system if you need it. Besides, the top hangs the lamps to make it bright at night. Then you can sell products at night market well. The electric device has leakage protector. The floor design is very reasonable because it is non-slip.


Dimension can be customized.


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