Pink Outdoor Ice Cream Trailer Lovely Smoothie Truck

Ice cream is so delicious sweet snack for people. The children and adults all like to eat ice creams. The ice cream belongs to the season summer. And all retailers can sell well in summer. But nowadays, even it is winter, the ice cream also has the market. It is easy for people to start ice cream business, because it is so easy to operate. We have beautiful outdoor ice cream trailer booth to share you today.

Outdoor ice cream trailer description

First, the outdoor ice cream trailer can attract us easily because of its beautiful pink color. It is one color which presents the youth, romance and wonderful things. The outdoor ice cream trailer has the very large sales window. We can see the juice blenders and gas stove machines which you use on the counters. The curved canopy can cover your sales area and provide the shades when it keep out of sunlight. At the ice cream snack cart body, there is also the colorful decoration showing the ice cream pattern and slogan. The sticker is deep pink and white combination. And slogan letters colors are white and black. It is one direct information to show booth business.

Outdoor ice cream trailer

When you close the selling window, the bar counter can be put down. Normally it is hanged up by the iron chains. The front end is also very colorful. The edges is decorated  by the blue and pink colors with relevant patterns. The semicircle shape window is with blue edges. In the window, there are cute ice cream and cartoon figure patterns. Under the semicircle window, there are two different cartoon figures. These decorations on such kitchen truck are very beautiful. The triangle tow bar can bear the round bucket or your own other devices. Normally you can use the iron chains to connect tow bar and car. And the wheels can change the directions.

mobile ice cream trailer

The rear also has the different colorful decoration. The edge decoration is the same as the front end. The door is arch shape and there is one older man cartoon figure on the door. The relevant words are near the older man. These can express the information to people. Besides, the tailing lights at the food trailer rear bottom and the door has one big handle for you to pull conveniently. The another wall is all pink without decoration. This design has a good treatment. Otherwise, the whole cart surface will be too disorderly.

Outdoor ice cream trailer

Other configuration

Size: 230 x 165 x 230 cm

Weight: 450 kg

Devices: working counters, non-slip floor, lamp, sockets, external power supply, sinks

Chassis: single or double axle wheels, brackets

Material:galvanized material

Machines: We can offer the machines you need

Out of website.

food truck


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