Pink Street Bubble Tea Kiosk Metal Cute Boba Tea Booth

A cute and attractive street bubble tea kiosk can catch the attention of customers in a crowded area. It can serve as a unique and eye-catching marketing tool to attract potential customers. With its inviting design and delicious drinks, it can entice customers to purchase and come back for more. A cute and attractive kiosk can also create a memorable customer experience, enhancing the brand’s reputation and increasing customer loyalty.

Street bubble tea kiosk description

The Street Bubble Tea kiosk is a cute and vibrant little shop that catches the eye with its unique features. The kiosk surface is decorated with lines that add texture and depth to the facade. The pink color of the kiosk is girly and playful, reflecting the fun and youthful vibe of the brand. At the top of the facade, there is a luminous slogan. And a cute pig model that captures the essence of the brand. The pig model is so adorable that it is sure to attract customers and make them want to come inside.

The sales window is also unique, with two different shaped frames, a square and an arch. The facades have luminous logos and three light boxes that show off the different bubble teas. There is also a shining LED light strip around the frame, making it even more attractive. Another lightbox at the windows edge displays the menu, which is convenient for customers to order from two directions.

street bubble tea kiosk

The right side also has a window with a cute pig model, and there is one door for you. The canopies are useful for keeping the food kiosk shaded and protected from the sun. On the left side, there is a small arch window that adds another unique touch to the kiosk. The kiosk bottom is equipped with durable wheels, which make it easy to move around.

boba tea kiosk

Interior layout

The countertop is made of wooden laminate and is glossy, making it look sleek and polished. The wide surface is perfect for placing machines and preparing bubble teas. There is also a glass showcase on the counter to display snacks. It is perfect for attracting customers who want a snack to go with their drink. The counter also has shelves and drawers for storage, making it practical and efficient. There is one sink in the snack stall corner for you to use.

The floor is wooden, which adds warmth to the kiosk, and the ceiling has shining lamps, creating a cozy atmosphere. The size of the kiosk is 1.6*1.6*2.15m, which is customizable to fit different locations. The new style of the kiosk is cost-effective. And it comes with professional services that make it easy to set up and operate.


In conclusion, the street bubble tea kiosk is a unique and attractive little shop that is sure to be a hit with customers. Its cute pig model, luminous logos, and unique shapes make it stand out from other kiosks. Its practical features, such as the wooden laminate countertop, glass showcase, and easy-to-move wheels, make it efficient and functional. Overall, this kiosk is a great investment for anyone looking to start a bubble tea business.

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