Popular Design BBQ Trailer Mobile Fast Food Cart for Sale

With the fast development of the food industry, more poeple choose round shape BBQ trailers to start a business. Because it’s easy to start and meet their demands of moving to different locations. The food trailer is good to provide food service and reserve food. Here is a nice food concession trailer sharing with you

outdoor mobile food cart

Advantages of BBQ trailer

The main body of the BBQ trailer is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and galvanized sheet, with a thermal insulation layer, firm structure, and long service life. Its price concessions and has various styles to choose from. That is very popular among entrepreneurs. The interior is equipped with a stainless steel workbench and a non-slip aluminum bottom plate, which is easy to clean and not easy to rust. It is very convenient for outdoor use. And we will also add a sink for easy use.

Barbeque shop design

Size Details

The total size of the BBQ trailer is 7.22ft long, 5.41 ft wide, and 7.84ft tall. The inner size for working is 6.36ft long, 4.4ft wide, and 5.64ft tall. We can make sales window at size 6.07ft long and 3.18ft wide. If you need other sizes, we can customize them for you.

BBQ cart

Details information of outdoor food cart

  • Tow bar

It uses seamless square pipe material to build the body, strong galvanized. The tow bar has both a hand brake and a mechanical brake, it guides wheels to correct directions and a safety chain.

  • Stainless steel table

The stainless steel table is 500mm wide with strong shelving for place items. So it has a cabinet with a sliding door at the bottom.

fast food trailer

  • Water sink

A water sink is put on the countertop for washing and to keep everything clean. Besides, you can install a water system for daily water supply.

  • Power and jacks

An external power supply is installed on the body to provide energy for 4 strong jacks. So that it makes the BBQ trailer stable during work.

We should leave enough space for your equipment. View below and choose machines for your business. By the way, this food trailer doesn’t include machines.

BBQ equipments needed

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