Popular Street Food Kiosk Pizza Trailer Design

Do you like to open a pizza trailer to start a business? Nearly every poeple eats pizza in their daily life, because of the yummy taste and good smell. Many people start a business with a pizza trailer because it’s easy to operate and fits different locations. Today, I want to share a nice fast-food kiosk with you.

pizza trailer

Pizza trailer design

The pizza trailer is in red with a metal silver support frame. That attracts poeple and highlights your business. Besides, red creates a sense of speed and reminds customers to buy from you without waiting. It has sals window on the front side, poeple can buy food here. Inside has a sliding glass window with a frame. It can keep the temperature of the pizza mobile cart. It looks like a cart with metal trailer heads, you can truck them anywhere you want.

pizza food kiosk

Inside counter

The inside counter is a 304# stainless steel counter, that is durable to use and meets the requirements of the food safety department. Under counter has a cabinet with shelving and locks. We can also leave space for microwaves and ovens. Besides, sockets and wires are set in a suitable area to use the equipment.

outdoor food cart

This food trailer has an entrance door with locks, you can close well during the move to different locations. You can also put it in a fixed location with the door closed. Remember to put the support rod down to secure the pizza trailer when not moving.

hot dog cart

We can make different colors to decorate the pizza truck. Popular colors include orange, red, pink, blue, and white color. No matter what color you want, we can help you customize the food concession trailer for you. Besides, you can use it to sell all kinds of fast food and snacks. Contact us to get more food trailer ideas.

mobile food tralier

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