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When we go outside, we can find more and more retail stalls to sell all kinds foods and other products. It is more popular than the shop for the retailers.Even they just have a small space, but they can run their business well to reach a good profits. Some people not only sell one kind food or beverages, they can sell many things together. In this way, their scope of business is diversified to meet different people’ needs. Let’s view one outdoor cafe stand together.

Outdoor cafe stand description

The cafe bar at the street is more popular type than other kiosks. Most of people see such kiosk design, they like it very much. The outdoor cafe stand not only looks wonderful but also is functional. It is natural and modern wooden type style. Such wooden color is a little retro and fits the kiosks very well. You can choose different wooden types. Its front side is so colorful to let people know what they can get here. It is a very direct information. Look at the cafe stand top, we can see there are several creative signs at different sides. Its color is bright yellow and people can have a deep impression. People can remember your booth name or your own brand.

outdoor cafe stand

Under the logo, a line of the lights boxes shows so many different fast foods. They looks so delicious for people and play roles on attracting people well. Next, it is the selling area. There is the freezer to show different tastes of cakes. And the beside counter also has the machines and display shelves. A big coffee light box is on the coffee kiosk. At the middle, it is the cashier register area. Such many things here can catch people’s eyes and hearts well. In this way, they want to buy foods from you even more.

Outdoor coffee stall

At the outdoor cafe stand right side, it has a door for you to go inside or out of the coffee bar. The door is with relevant safe locks. And other window parts are also with roller shutter doors. Then you close the food kiosk at night to keep security. At the door’s besides, it still has a big light box to show one wonderful picture to express the information. At the outdoor cafe stand, you can put the air conditioner device. The air conditioner can let you feel cool in the kiosk.

outdoor coffee kiosk

Let’s view the back side of the outdoor coffee stall, it still has the logo and one line of the light boxes. It is so attractive. Then there is one long bar table with relevant stools for consumers to enjoy their meal. The coffee kiosk plays its biggest role on the functions and let you work well and attract consumers.

street coffee kiosk


Look at the outdoor cafe stand inside, the layout is with a beautiful decoration. The working counters and cabinets are yellow, and their countertop is high quality white man-made stone. You can put many food making machines on the counter or under them. The whole kiosk has many spaces for you to work flexibly. And we can see the top also have many storage cabinets for you to put many useful things. And the ceiling and floor’ surfaces also have a great decoration. The ceiling is orange with some spotlights and floor is wooden type. Such one outdoor stall is very perfect.

Outdoor cafe


Size: 4*2.2m

Any size can be customized based on the request.


The metal is to create the structure and other parts are plywood. The surface is solid wood and aluminum composite panel. And the man-made stone is for countertop workmanship. There are still some hardware accessories.

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