Practical Outdoor Cellphone Kiosk Mobile Phone Accessories Stall

The cellphone is one convenient communication tool in people’s life. People can use it to chat with family and friends to build good relationship. And do business, study, have relaxation on games or some entertainment applications and so on. Almost every adult has the cellphones now. Most retailers wants to join in the cellphone business. The outdoor cellphone kiosk is more better than the shop for some retailers. They can choose the outside busy places freely and build their shop. Besides, they can save more cost.

Outdoor cellphone kiosk surface description

The cellphone kiosk is suitable for outside place. There are many people outside everyday and you can have a lot of potential consumers. Look at the roof of the kiosk, it is flat and white. And roof edge is black and gray. The 3D luminous logo can show your booth name at the front door. The signage can let people trust the booth and your products well. And you can enhance your shop image. The cellphone kiosk 3 walls surface has the wood decoration. The entrance is sliding glass type, and people can see your inside layout and products clearly. Besides, the poster is behind the door which is hanged at the ceiling. It shows the promotion and service information to people.

outdoor cellphone kiosk

Another side also has a black board fro decoration. It can be light box type if you want. Opposite the black door, the kiosk wall has many signs to show kiosk services too. And the black words are on white board. What’s more, the back wall also has many black words with a irregular placement. All is one part of the outdoor cellphone kiosk decoration. If you have more full imagination on decoration, we can make the effect for you.

outdoor phone kiosk

outdoor cellphone stall


This is the top view of the retail stall. And we can see its layout. 3 walls have the display stands and shelves with many layers to display the cellphones and accessories. And every stand and shelf has the signage at their top to let people know the classification. Some products are put on the stand layers, and some are hanged by hooks on shelves. What’s more, the stands bottom are the storage cabinets for you to put substitute goods. One cashier desk is near the door. The desk also has drawers and cabinet for you. At the outdoor cellphone stall ceiling, there are some spotlights around 3 sides.

Different type

Here is another wooden color type for the outdoor cellphone booth. It also looks very natural and high grade. The surface wooden type is optional and you can choose based on your hobby.

street cellphone kiosk


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