Practical Outdoor Coffee Stall Modern Street Coffee Kiosk

This world is colorful, and there are different kinds of people. People who like coffee have their own reasons, of course. Some for refreshment, some for the taste of coffee. Drinking coffee has become a daily habit of most people. I think you must find the business opportunity and plan to start the outdoor cafe business when you find the article. So lucky you are! Today, please follow me to learn about the outdoor coffee stall.

Outdoor coffee stall description

The coffee stall is industry style which shows the building beauty. It sells coffee, ice cream and some fast foods. Its color tone is gray, which is one of the mystery features of the industry style. Look at the structure, its top has some wooden strip decoration. The 3D acrylic luminous logo is put at the kiosk top middle area. The signage is a symbol which is like people’s name. It is essential. Then people can call your booth with the logo name when they think about it.

outdoor coffee stall 2

The front side design is novel. The middle area has the reception counter. People can order and pay for products here. The left side has a big refrigerator to display so many beverages. When people pass by, they can choose what they like by themselves. It offer convenience to people. The counter beside has a big light box to show coffee poster to attract people’s attention. There is a manual sunshade at the food kiosk top.  You can adjust the sunshade area flexibly. Besides, the outdoor coffee stall right side also has a luminous logo decoration. The logo and light box here are the vivid image.

outdoor coffee stall

From another view, we can see the wall has wooden strips to create the frame. The middle is a blackboard to show many drawings. You can draw patterns and or write information on blackboard. It is a interesting area of the outdoor coffee stall. The bottom also has many wooden strips. The wall design here is a good decoration. Besides, at the back part of the stall, it has a wooden door. Door left side has 3 round lights boxes to show the food and right side shows luminous ice cream signage. All decorations makes the coffee stall colorful and attractive.

Outdoor cafe interior layout

There are the working tables at the cafe 3 sides. Your machines can be on the working tables or under the tables. There are coffee machines, oven, refrigerator, water sink etc.. You can make the coffee and fast foods with the machines on the working tables. The kiosk space is enough for 2 persons inside. The floor is non-slip aluminum, which is safe. And you won’t fall down easily.

outdoor coffee stall layout

More information

Size: 10*10ft

Material: Metal, plywood, man-made stone

Surface material: Cement board, solid wood strip

Accessories: Light boxes, logo, hardware locks etc.

Out of website from here.

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