Practical Street Retail Stall Favorable Outdoor Snack Kiosk

The street is a good business location for all kinds of retailers. There are always people coming and going in the streets. Everyone is possible to buy your products when they pass-by the booth. Different retailers sell different products. We can customize the stall to match your main business. Next, I show you one street retail stall for reference. Then you can have a basic impression and knowledge about the kiosk.

Street retail stall description

This is one outdoor kiosk which is weather-proof for vending the products. And it is durable for all year round. Its color is combined with white and apricot which matches each other. Look at the top structure, the logo is at every corner, which is one decoration element for the booth. What’s more, 4 sides white eaves are with reinforcements which fixes to the roof. The reinforcements plays role on the stability. And the eaves are enough wide for providing the shades.

Street retail stall

In the street snack kiosk, there are the products glass display showcase and counters with storage cabinets. You can also put the products on the counters to introduce to people. And consumers also can touch and feel the products directly. Besides, on the counter, we also can help you set the logo to make the kiosk with more brand images. In addition, we can offer you the TV player on the stall. In this way, you can show information to people. It is helpful for people to learn about your business. The lamps and electricity plug outlets are provided in the booth for your convenient use.

Street retail stall

Roller shutter door

All four sides have aluminum extruded, plastic coated rolling doors. The doors are spring-loaded and slide easily up and down within the steel rails. When you are away from the outdoor retail stand, the roller shutter doors are completely security. It has the keys to lock. These security doors are hard and durable and can withstand any traditional attack, keeping your workstation, computer and inventory safe.

outdoor kiosk


The external structure material is aluminum which is metal. The metal material is very durable with long lifespan. And inside counters materials are plywood with glass. If you have the material request, we can customize it.

How to order kiosk

  1. Make a 3D design to meet your business needs after we have talked about details.
  2. Proceed the design modification and confirmation.
  3. Make a deal on the order
  4. Arrange production and shipping

Welcome to talk with us about your more questions and needs. Out of website.

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