Red Custom Barbecue Trailer Retail BBQ Burger Truck

Barbecue is not only a food, but also an activity, which is a part of life for many people, especially in the United States. When people have the party, they like to make the barbecue by themselves. Even they don’t make it, they will order some barbecues. At the night market, the barbecue is always hot selling. You just need to have one booth and skills on barbecue. For working convenience, the custom barbecue trailer is the popular choice. You can use it to work all day at any places.

Window area

The barbecue trailer can be customized the size, structure, color, interior layout etc.. One long and big service window is at the cart body middle and its besides have two white sliding doors windows. All windows have the sunshades to let these areas be without strong sunshine or wet by the heavy rains. Then you can feel cool in the food trailer and consumers can feel cool under the sunshade too. One long foldable bar is under the window. In addition, the lamps are at the gaps between the windows. The exterior lamps can offer the lights to the surrounding area at night.

custom barbecue trailer

Tow bar area

The tow bar is normally at the trailer front end, which is basic structure. And the tow bar is very thick to hold the toolkit box. And two white big ydraulic pressure bottles are near the box. The tow bar area is useful for you to take good use of it. It also has the guide wheel and connecting chains. Besides, the entrance door is designed at the food truck right. And there is the lamp and power supply around the door. The big custom barbecue truck has double axle wheels and lift jacks under the cart body.

BBQ trailer

Back area

The barbecue catering trailer back side has one wonderful design. It is made one big entrance without door. And one board extends out of the trailer. It has the rails which is like one small balcony. The small balcony has the jacks to support. And this area also has the adjustable sunshade. It is a good place for you to relax and enjoy fresh air after workings. The BBQ trailer is very breeziest because of the windows and doors. The frame also has the lamps.The most important is that you can close the extended board when you need to move. It has relevant tail light system at frame. The roof has one big chimney for draining the kitchen smokes.

food trailer


Look at the this one custom barbecue trailer, its surface is red. The red color always can catch people’s attentions firstly and be standout of the most colors. Sometimes, colors are given different meanings. So you can choose the suitable one for your own BBQ trailer.


The big BBQ truck inside space can be placed many working counters. And these counters are stainless steel materials, which is durable for many years use and can’t get rust. Besides, all equipment can have their suitable place in the mobile cart body. You can place range hood at the wall, big refrigerator at the corner, and other some machines on the counter. We can also make the shelves for you. And normally counters have cabinets or drawers together. And floor is safe non-skid type. The ceiling has lamps device. All electric devices are complete.


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